At a glance

SCHUMAG was founded in 1830 as a needle factory and expanded its product palette at the end of the 19th century to include precision components for the Black Forest clock-industry.

Today SCHUMAG is a listed company with about 450 employees; its precision products are "made in Germany" in Aachen and are exported more than to 20 countries around the world.

SCHUMAG's strength – being able to guarantee the highest precision across even high  numbers of pieces (100,000+) – is not by chance,


but rather the result of team effort. On our 35,000 qm production area, SCHUMAG has a broad palette of production processes available, so that customer demands can be realised in a timely manner and reliably with the help of more
than 500 machines.

More than 14,000 pieces of measuring equipment, from hand measures to a white-light interferometer, guarantee that even the narrowest tolerances are complied with and in this way fulfil the highest standards of precision, precisely for high quantities of pieces. SCHUMAG is certified to ISO TS 16949 and to DIN EN ISO 9001.